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Spam Gourmet
Throw-away email addresses to be used when downloading software, etc. Nice.

Proxomitron - Surf without ads and other annoying "features" of the web. Completely configurable if you're nerdy enough. Oh yeah, it's FREE.

Xmorphia --- I have no idea what this stuff means, but the images *tile* perfectly!

There's a free sample tile used on the above "X" in the Freebies section in the 2D gallery.

Se*y Losers

A wonderfully kin*y comic strip in the anim* style. Although I normally HATE anim*, this really well drawn, and funny!

Sorry about the ** - too many kiddies searching on those terms.

Lindsay Publications Unusual and wonderful old time DIY technical books

Sinkha - Cute Girl, incredible 3D, SciFi, what more could you want?

Acid Fonts

Tons of free fonts, with many links to more!

KPIG Radio

Listen on the web, playing dirty stinking, outlaw country music, mixed with everything else.


When I am King - a very very nice way to spend a few hours. The story is now finished, and unfortunately no longer updated.

Satan's Laundromat

A photolog of New York, with an emphasis on urban decay, strange signage, and general weirdness.

Survival Research Laboratories

They've been copied, but never very well.

ZIPPY ! - Daily strip

Tex Avery Tribute Site

Antique Real Estate in Poland - this castle $10,000 OBO. Not for the faint of heart.

Would you like a cool .to domain from the Kingdom of Tonga? These folks are sooo easy to deal with! Once you're registered, you can change your DNS servers yourself, online. No more of InterNIC's burocratic nonsense. Go to the site and see for yourself by clicking on the banner below. If you register a domain with them, I would appreciate if you do it through this link, as I will get a little credit, as you can too after you're registered with them. Thanks.

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