SS ring with Crazy lace Agate ---18K Gold Scarab ring with Lapis/Carnelian ---SS ring with Lapis/Blue enamel

SS ring Scarab with Moonstone --- SS ring Scarab with Lapis/Carnelian --- SS Earrings Florentine finish with Garnets


All jewelery designed and produced by graffito studios - all designs © 2001 graffito studios


40mw Argon LASER in air cooled enclosure ---- LASER and Video Camera enclosures (water cooled).

Video camera exposed, and enclosed ---- Example LASER pattern on mockup slab

Argon LASER setup to measure/position steel slabs in US steel mill. The LASERs cast a line of light along the (30 foot) slabs, which was picked up by the video cameras (in water cooled enclosures), and processed by computer to control the slab's position, and also measure it. I was the hardware design engineer and project manager on the project, working with a wonderful team of HW/SW folks.

© 2001 graffito studios